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PLANTIFIED TUTTI FRUTTI ROCKY ROAD (Vegan, Egg free, Dairy Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free)

Tutti Frutti Rocky Road (Vegan Aquafaba Marshmallow)

In Australia, where I grew up, there was a candy shop called Darrell Lea.
They used to sell these huge,big long Rocky Road bars and they were just the best!
I would buy one occasionally after work and scoff the whole thing on the way home!
But- they weren’t Vegan!
So when I developed the Plantifed Aquafaba Marshmallow recipe one of the first things I made with it was this Rocky Road.The Tutti Frutti Recipe here is similar, but alot more festive and fun, including Strawberry Marshmallows, and your choice of either Passionfruit Marshmallow , or Banana Marshmallow, with some added Glace Cherries, Dried Raspberries and Pistachios for some tang and crunch!