PLANTIFIED TUTTI FRUTTI ROCKY ROAD (Vegan, Egg free, Dairy Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free)

Tutti Frutti Rocky Road (Vegan Aquafaba Marshmallow)

In Australia, where I grew up, there was a candy shop called Darrell Lea.
They used to sell these huge,big long Rocky Road bars and they were just the best!
I would buy one occasionally after work and scoff the whole thing on the way home!
But- they weren’t Vegan!
So when I developed the Plantifed Aquafaba Marshmallow recipe one of the first things I made with it was this Rocky Road.The Tutti Frutti Recipe here is similar, but alot more festive and fun, including Strawberry Marshmallows, and your choice of either Passionfruit Marshmallow , or Banana Marshmallow, with some added Glace Cherries, Dried Raspberries and Pistachios for some tang and crunch!


Hello! Is it Me you’re looking for??? (2016- It’s been a tough year!)

Well, you will probably get a shock receiving this in your inbox, as you haven’t received a blog post for so long! But I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth!
If you are part of the Plantified Facebook Group, you will have been kept in the loop with this years goings on, if you aren’t then come along and join us here:
I will be pleased to see the end of 2016…many things have occurred that weren’t welcome in my world, including becoming pregnant with a much wanted child, and finding out it had died at our scan, which was devastating…Life doesn’t always work out as planned, and it’s not always easy…
But cooking has been one thing that has kept me sane this year, and as they say, onwards and upwards!