Tutti Frutti Rocky Road (Vegan Aquafaba Marshmallow)

PLANTIFIED TUTTI FRUTTI ROCKY ROAD (Vegan, Egg free, Dairy Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free)


In Australia, where I grew up, there was a candy shop called Darrell Lea.
They used to sell these huge,big long Rocky Road bars and they were just the best!
I would buy one occasionally after work and scoff the whole thing on the way home!
But- they weren’t Vegan!
So when I developed the Plantifed Aquafaba Marshmallow recipe one of the first things I made with it was this Rocky Road.

Vegan Rocky Road (Aquafaba Marshmallow,VEGAN egg free, dairy free, gelatine free, gluten free) Sign up to Plantified.com to get a FREE VEGAN AQUA FABA MOUSSES RECIPE E-BOOK

The Tutti Frutti Recipe here is similar, but alot more festive and fun, including Strawberry Marshmallows, and your choice of either Passionfruit Marshmallow , or Banana Marshmallow, with some added Glace Cherries, Dried Raspberries and Pistachios for some tang and crunch!

PLANTIFIED TUTTI FRUTTI ROCKY ROAD (Vegan, Egg free, Dairy Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free)

PLANTIFIED TUTTI FRUTTI ROCKY ROAD (Vegan, Egg free, Dairy Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free)

You can either use flavour drops to flavour the Marshmallow (the ones I use and have linked to below in the UK are both Natural AND Vegan!) or you can use Freeze Dried Fruit Powders- your Preference.
These are fantastic to cut into bars and tie in little Cellophane bags (or long ones) to store, or give as gifts too!

PLANTIFIED TUTTI FRUTTI ROCKY ROAD (Vegan, Egg free, Dairy Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free) PLANTIFIED TUTTI FRUTTI ROCKY ROAD (Vegan, Egg free, Dairy Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free)


Katrina Stuart, founder of Plantified

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*For a detailed STEP BY STEP RECIPE CARD see here:


Tutti Frutti Rocky Road


For the sugar syrup:

405 grams cups sugar
10.9 grams Agar agar powder
1.3 grams Locust (Carob) Bean Gum
115 grams Glucose syrup
135 grams water

For the Marshmallow foam:

175 grams Aqua faba (Liquid out of a can of butterbeans or chickpeas!)
2 grams Xanthum gum
10 grams Vanilla extract
Strawberry colouring and flavouring *see below for what I recommend
Banana colouring and flavouring
8 grams Freeze dried Strawberry Powder
8 grams Freeze Dried  Passionfruit Powder (Natural Banana Powder is often quite bland, so go for Passionfruit instead!)


600 gms Chocolate
50 grams Pistachios, halved
100 grams Glace Cherries, quartered
15 grams Freeze dried Raspberries, crumbled

Sprinkled with:

5 grams Freeze Dried Raspberries, crumbled
15 grams Crushed Pistachios

***Recommended Brands of Flavouring drops to try with Links:

UK: Natural & Vegan Flavouring Drops  / Strawberry and Banana Flavours OR Freezed Dried Strawberry Powder and Freeze Dried Passionfruit Powder Plus Freeze Dried Raspberry Pieces
to decorate.
USA :Vegan Strawberry Flavouring Drops and Banana Flavouring Drops  OR  Freeze Dried Strawberries (to turn to powder yourself/ cheapest option I could find) plus Freeze Dried Raspberries to decorate.
****Some colours/flavours will deflate Aquafaba Marshmallow!
DO NOT use a Natural food colouring with CURCUMIN! – it will flop the Marshmallow!
Saffron is fine to use to colour Aquafaba without deflation.


-Add 175 grams Aquafaba (butterbean or chickpea liquid from can) plus 2 grams Xanthum gum to a stand mixer bowl and begin beating. (you can use electric hand mixers too!) From experience, I know that although it forms stiff peaks quickly, the volume increases and becomes fluffier If you start beating it at the BEFORE you start the sugar syrup, so get it going before you do anything else!

-Now, lets start the sugar syrup: Add 405 grams of sugar and 10.9 grams of Agar powder to a saucepan and stir to combine thoroughly.

-Add 135 grams of water and 115 grams of glucose syrup and whisk together over heat to combine ingredients thoroughly.

-Continue stirring from time to time until the temp reaches 250f on a candy thermometer.

-Once it is up to temperature, turn off heat.

-Once the aquafaba has formed stiff peaks and the sugar syrup is ready, slowly add the sugar syrup in a thin stream as the mixer beats it in until all is combined.

-Continue beating for a while as it will cool slightly and increase in fluffiness.

-Add in 10 grams of vanilla extract and continue to beat.

-Quickly take out half the batch put it in a bowl while you add some banana flavouring or the Freeze dried Fruit Powder to taste to the rest in the mixer bowl, plus a drop of colour, beat in until combined and then spread quickly into half the tray.

-To the remaining half in the bowl, add strawberry flavouring or freeze Dried fruit powder and colour to the remaining mix quickly, before it sets and mix in then spread into the other half of the tray and leave to set.

Making up the Rocky Road:

-Once the marshmallow has set, cut it into approx one inch squares.

-Melt 600 grams of chocolate.
I like to use a saucepan with hot water simmering, with a bowl sitting on top, so the chocolate melts, but does not burn!

-Once the chocolate has melted, set aside briefly, whilst you take the marshmallow squares and one by one add them to a large bowl.
I like to add a few yellow, a few pink, sprinkle some Pistachios and Cherries (chopped in half), along with the crushed dried Raspberries and alternate it, as I don’t want to stir it too vigorously to mix once the chocolate is added as I don’t want to break the marshmallows up.

-Add a few spoonfuls of chocolate as you continue to add the marshmallows until all the ingredients are in the bowl, then using a large spoon, gently mix until all ingredients are combined and the marshmallows are all covered in chocolate.

-Using the same tray , reline it with parchment paper, then spoon your rocky road gently into the tin and spread it out, leaving no gaps.Sprinkle the top surface with the crushed Pistachios and Raspberries and then set aside to solidify in the fridge.

-Once completely set, take out of the fridge and take the lined block out of the tray.

-Using a large sharp knife gently cut into long bars or squares etc, depending on what you want to do with it.

-To present as a gift, add some squares or a bar to a clear cellophane bag, and tie with a lovely ribbon.
The Rocky Road will keep for a long time if kept cool and dry.
You do not need to refridgerate.

PLANTIFIED TUTTI FRUTTI ROCKY ROAD (Vegan, Egg free, Dairy Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free)

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  1. Christine Baker said on February 17, 2017 Reply
    I remember Darryll Lea, they closed their stores but it is still available in supermarkets now, did you ever have Haighs ?
    1. katrinastuart said on February 17, 2017 Reply
      Really! When did Darrell lea's close? They used to be everywhere! I liked their Soft Liquorice too! I have lived in the UK since 2002, and went back to Aus for under 2 years in 2009, but by then I was vegan so didn't pay any attention to candy stores like that anymore! I think I have heard of Haigh's but I can't picture any of their products!
  2. Christine Baker said on February 17, 2017 Reply
    Hi Katrina, is there any substitute for carob bean gum ?
    1. katrinastuart said on February 17, 2017 Reply
      Carob Bean Gum is also know as Locust Bean Gum. You can omit it, but the reason I use it, is after lots of testings of different proportions of things, I think it gives the best texture for this purpose. It adds just that bit of stretch to the marshmallow, which stops it breaking u under the weight of all the chocolate etc, as you are mixing it in. What country are you in? I'll have a look for a link for a cheap and easy source for you to get it from.
  3. Karen said on February 18, 2017 Reply
    Thank for for the wonderful recipe. I have problems finding good chocolate that is not on shared equipment with dairy (severe allergy). What chocolate do you use?
    1. katrinastuart said on February 18, 2017 Reply
      This batch was made with Bourneville chocolate, which is free of animal products (in the UK) but states on the back it is made in a place that uses nuts, dairy etc, so not suitable for people with Allergies, i believe as most chocolate manufacturers use the same machines to make the chocolate and flush the machines to clean them with the next batch of chocolate, so it is possible there could still be over 5 parts per million that could cause a reaction in someone with an Allergy. Sometimes I use some blocks from Aldi , but on one occasion when I went to buy the ame old chocolate, i checked the label, as i always do, as things change, and this batch had milk fat in it, so I haven't bought any since, but have noticed that the new supplies are back to being free of animal products. If you need something that isn't made on a premises that uses Dairy (which is most manufacturers) that can be trickier. I can ask on the Plantified facebook group if anyone else with a Dairy allergy buys chocolate produced in a facility that doesn't handle dairy. Are you in the UK? Have you thought of making your own chocolate? It's not too difficult these days as you can buy the cocoa butter and there is lots of online tuition. That way you can ensure that you get something that is safe?
    2. katrinastuart said on February 18, 2017 Reply
      I did some googling and read an article by Plamil , on the cross contaimination risk of even "vegan" labelled products that has occured during the years, and they ASSURE that you can see sure their products are not cross contaminated. They do the normal consumer blocks but I thought you might be interested in the catering sized packs if you put in an order. They have for instance, a 1kg pack of chocolate drops for £8.21. If you want to buy bulk, you can get a 7.5 kg box for only £49.56 which I thought was very reasonable! They do milk style and dark,with even some options sweetened with coconut sugar! Have a look and see if there is anything there that might be useful! You can richen up the flavour by adding a wee bit more Cacao butter too, as it has a very strong rich flavour . https://www.plamilfoods.co.uk/catering
  4. Renu Gupta said on October 22, 2017 Reply
    Ammazing recipes i really luv them thanx for posting.
    1. katrinastuart said on October 22, 2017 Reply
      Thank you very much for your kind encouraging words! I appreciate it! :)

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