“Goose’s Golden Eggs” with a Lemon Marshmallow and Lemon Curd centre

Goose's Golden Aquafaba Lemon Marshmallow Eggs with a Lemon Curd centre.(Marshmallow,VEGAN egg free, dairy free, gelatine free, gluten free) Sign up to Plantified.com to get a FREE VEGAN AQUA FABA MOUSSES RECIPE E-BOOK

Goose’s Golden Eggs with a Lemon Marshmallow and Lemon Curd centre.



I made Goose’s Golden Eggs, for the First anniversary of Aquafaba, in honour of Goose Wohlt, whose wild experimentation in search of a vegan meringue led him to whip anything he could get his hands on to see what happened, until he hit upon the magic can of Beans!

Thanks to his kindness in sharing the secret, we all can indulge in some amazing things that weren’t possible before!

Aquafaba, is the liquid out of a can of beans, most people use chickpea, but I always use Butter Beans, as I can taste the chickpea taste, but the Butter Bean Liquid is imperceptible to me.

You can whip it up like egg whites to make meringues, or fold into cakes, and many other uses where you would normally have used an egg, plus many many more wonderful things you can make with it!

So hence- my tribute to Goose Wohlt and his miraculous egg replacer, are these lovely “Goose’s Golden Eggs!”


I have LOVED experimenting with aquafaba, and creating recipes for Marshmallows and Mousses amongst other things, so I thought it was fitting to make Goose some Golden Eggs, since his Aquafaba find was like the Goose that laid the Golden Egg to all us cooks out there!!!

This was my daughters reaction, when she first saw Goose’s Golden Eggs!

IMG_1942 IMG_2248 IMG_2243 IMG_23671

I had great fun making and photographing these to share with you, but after moving them in and out of the little nest I had made a number of times ,they started to get a bit scratched, and didn’t look as perfect, but I still has shots I wanted to get!

I really wanted some of the good old Welsh countryside,blurred in the background, so this morning, after only 6 hours sleep, I got up, jumped in the car and sped to the supermarket to buy some more Gold Spray, so I could be back in time for when my husband needed the car, and carefully sprayed the eggs again, filling in any scratches!
They looked superb!

So proud of my touch up job, I carefully carried the basket with the nest and the eggs out to the view point in front of our house, and carefully perched them up on the tree stumps and started to take some pics…

I took a grand total of THREE shots, before a bloody strong gust of wind came (and we get some strong gusts of wind in Snowdonia, believe me!) and blew my precious basket of Goose’s Golden Eggs clean off it’s perch and they smashed all over the ground!
So , I scooped up the remains off the ground, dusted off the big chunks of Welsh country side still stuck to them, and brought them back inside for my kids to gobble up!
Yeah, I know…but it’s good for their immunity and all that!

Anyway, without further ado….

Goose’s Golden Eggs are a chocolate shell, filled with Lemon Marshmallow, with a lemon curd centre!
If you don’t like Lemon, you could try using a banana flavouring in both the Marshmallow and the curd instead.

I hope you enjoy making your own Golden Eggs, and a special thanks to Goose Wohlt and Rebecca August who started the group Vegan Meringues- Hits and Misses, to share the word and revolutionised what I could do in the kitchen , especially with desserts!

If you would also like to find out more about Aquafaba or join a great community, here is the link to the Vegan Meringue- Hits and misses group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/VeganMeringue/

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Below are some pics showing the process of how to create Goose’s Golden Eggs, so you can make some too!


Please also come and join our new FACEBOOK GROUP and post some of your favourite recipes, ask some questions, show off a dish you’ve cooked or just have a chat! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1045935715464593/

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Goose’s Golden Eggs with a Lemon Marshmallow and Lemon Curd centre.


Makes 4 whole eggs, or 8 halves. (3.5 x 2.5 inches each)



Egg shells:

200gm Vegan chocolate


1 1/2 cups Caster sugar (superfine) (300 gms)

2 slightly rounded tsp Agar Agar powder (9 gms)

30 ml Glucose Syrup

1/2 cup water (125mls)

3/4 cup Aquafaba (187 ml)

1/2 tsp Xanthum gum (1.7 gms)

2 tbsp fresh Lemon Juice (30 ml)

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 tbsp Lemon Rind (5.7 gm)

Lemon Curd:

Juice of 2 Lemons (approx 95 ml)
Rind of 1 Lemon grated finely
250 ml Coconut cream
⅓ cup (70 grams) Sugar
2 tbsp (18 grams) Corn starch
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
Yellow food colouring

Dr Oetker Gold Shimmer Spray, or similar

***Don’t know where to buy Agar Agar powder cheaply?

This is the one I use in everything I make, (they ship for free to many places):
(USA FREE DELIVERY $8 / 100 g) Crazee Deal Agar Powder / Faluda / Falooda / China Grass (Vegan Gelatine) Premium High Quality 100G
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(UK FREE DELIVERY £3.80 / 100g ) Agar Agar Powder (Vegan Gelatine) – 100g (Falooda/Faluda/Ceylon Moss China Grass) DSc

( UK FREE DELIVERY 300g / £6.25) Agar Agar Powder / Faluda / Falooda / China Grass (Vegan Gelatine) Premium High Quality – 300g

Glucose Syrup (USA $7.93 for 8oz) Wilton Glucose to Create Smooth Elastic Gum Paste, 8.5-Ounce



-Melt 200 gms of vegan dark chocolate in the microwave, or place in a bowl, over a saucepan with simmering water to gently melt.

– When thoroughly melted, spoon chocolate into each mould and spread around evenly and set aside until it has hardened.
At this point, I went back to my mould and reinforced with another layer of chocolate around the edge, so the egg half wouldn’t break upon releasing it from the mould.

-Once chocolate has hardened, carefully demould it, and place on some baking paper on the bench ready to fill.

-To make the marshmallow, place ¾ cup of Aquafaba (I used Butter bean liquid as I prefer it!) into the bowl of a mixer.

-Add ½ tsp Xanthum gum (1.7 gm) and turn the mixer on high to start beating.
Once it has become really fluffy, add the 2 tsp vanilla extract and the 2 tbsp of Lemon JUICE.
(Do NOT add the lemon rind at this point, or your marshmallow may collapse!- you have been warned!)

-Whilst that is whipping, make the sugar syrup for the marshmallow.
-Add 1 ½ cups of caster sugar, 2 tsp pf Agar agar powder, 30 ml of glucose syrup and ½ cup of water to the saucepan and whisk to combine.
The glucose syrup I buy is in a tube and I find it easier to squeeze out and measure, if I put it in the microwave or some hot water very briefly to thin it, as it is very thick.

-Turn on the stove and bring up the heat, whilst stirring to dissolve the sugar etc…
Once it has started to boil turn it down a little and stir from time to time to ensure it doesn’t brown on the bottom or burn. It needs to reach 250f (measure with a candy thermometre)

-Once it has reached 250 f , turn off the stove and take the saucepan carefully over to the mixed with the whipping Aquafaba foam and pour it into the bowl in a thin steady stream, whilst the beater is running.

-Once all the syrup is in the bowl, allow the mixer to run for a few more minutes while it continues to increase in volume and cool down a bit. Just before you are ready to turn off the mixer, add in the Lemon rind and beat for a minute to combine it, then turn off the mixer.

-Take a large piping bag (I use a 50cm Mastercraft bag) with a large coupler and a large,round tip and place it into a jug, or big vase, and fold the edge over, so that you can use it as a support for the bag, hands free while you fill the piping bag with Marshmallow.

-Turn off the mixer and fill the piping bag with the marshmallow.
At this point, you want to be working quickly, without distraction (which is fun in my household with 4 kids! :/ ) so that you can fill the shells before the marshmallow sets.

-Fill the shell and then take a knife or other flat implement and scrape off any excess so it sits flush with the shell edge.

-Once they are all filled and smoothed, set aside and get to work making the lemon curd.

-Add The juice of 2 lemons, (95mls) the rind of one lemon, 250 ml coconut cream ,⅓ cup (70 grams) of sugar , and 2 tsp vanilla extract in a saucepan and whisk to combine.
Add the 2 tbsp corn starch and whisk again.
-Turn on the stove and keep stirring as it heats up.
Cornstarch needs to cook for a while to activate it and cause it to thicken the liquid.

-As the mixture begins to thicken add some yellow food colour sparingly, and turn it down to a simmer.
I tend to add it towards the end of the process, as at the beginning, the uncooked liquid looks alot lighter and changes colour as it thicken, so you get a better idea of what the colour is, if you add it towards the end.

-If you are not sure if your Lemond Curd has cooked enough, Put a little on a spoon and put it in the freezer to cool for a minute, so you can gauge its thickness when cooled.

-Once it is ready, turn off the stove and set aside to cool down.

-Back to the marshmallow eggs, now it has set, it’s time to scoop out a hole for the yolk.
I used a teaspoon to do it.

-Use the teaspoon to spoon the Lemon Curd into the egg and smooth it over.

-Once the Egg has been filled and the Lemon Curd set ,turn the egg half, face down onto the parchment paper ,ready to be sprayed Gold (or any other colour of your choosing).
I used Dr Oetker (Gold) Shimmer Spray.

-When you spray the eggs, it is best to do it in light ,thin coats, rather than try to get it thick, as the finish will be much more even and look alot better if you do.
If it is too thick it can run and split and it will look kind of…crap!

-Let the eggs dry thoroughly inbetween coats.
The paint will come off on your fingers a little when you handle them, so handle them as little as you can. You can give them a touch up spray once they are joined.

-To join the eggs, I heated up an oven tray on the gas stove for a second and placed the egg halves quickly face down and seared the edges to melt them and then joined them together, and held for a second while it set.
This is a “touch the edges for a second” kind of scenario, not a “put the halves down and leave them on the hot tray for 20 seconds” kind of scenario! 🙂

-Any paint that has been messed up can be touched up with the spray at this point.




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  1. Kahlinka85 said on March 10, 2016 Reply
    These are a piece of art! They look absolutely amazing :O
    1. katrinastuart said on March 10, 2016 Reply
      Thank you Kahli!!! :)
  2. Elizabeth-Blanning said on March 10, 2016 Reply
    They look fantastic - and what clear instructions! (Great story too....). Who would have thought, a year ago, that something like this was possible?
    1. katrinastuart said on March 10, 2016 Reply
      Thank you! I know- who would have thought! It has transformed my Dessert making, as i was never a fan of blended tofu desserts, or desserts made with loads of nuts! I first saw it on Facebook last march, where someone posted something from One Green Planet, claiming you could whip it like meringues, and I thought "What Bollocks!" and was about to write that comment, when i thought I should go and test it first, incase I came off looking like an ignorant fool! So I rifled through the panty, found a can of beans and got to work with my little handmixer ,and lo and behold, it was true! A few hours later, I had a Lemon Meringue pie sitting on my bench- something I thought was left well in the past! So when I went back to actually post on my friends post, it was in great excitement!
  3. FrejaLin said on March 10, 2016 Reply
    How long are they good, and how do they need to be stored?
    1. katrinastuart said on March 10, 2016 Reply
      The marshmallow is a stable, firm product, so will last for a long time. Just store them in a clean, dry place,and they will be fine! Obviously, since they are chocolate, you need to keep them away from heat sources, or if you live in a hot climate, take care to store them somewhere cool, but they do not need to be in the refrigerator, and i would not recommend storing them in a fridge for risk of condensation. This marshmallow recipe can be made into slabs and cut into square, cut out with cookie cutters etc. I have had pieces sit out on the bench for weeks on end in the open air, and all that has happened is the outside surface dries slightly, as marshmallow does, so you can be assured they will be absolutely fine, if you want to make them in advance and carefully store them. Be aware the Gold Spray surface can get damaged if handled too much, or if it becomes damp, so that is the most fragile part of the egg.

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